How it works


The customers must download the mobile application in stores for starting earning Smiles in the Commerce section. It will show the nearby stores that have implemented the NSmiles system. Clicking on an item they can see detailed information and:
  • Earning Smiles by shopping products/services from the store;
  • Earning Smiles by joining to available promotions;
  • Exchange Smiles for other products/services in the same store or in another acceeded store

The mobile application allows also:
  • Checking local tourist info (such as restaurants, histiric sites and monuments and other activities);
  • Checking useful info such as parking, hospitals, pharmacies and internet hotspots;
  • Calling taxis.
  • See metro schedules.


After subscribing to the system, the subscribers /shop administrators will receive credentials to access to a web backoffice where they can validate customers' transactions (shopping and exchanging of products/services) occurring in their stores,and send broadcast campaigns to the NSmiles users and potential clients.

Global Overview