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Below there is an overview of the solutions that we are currently involved:

IP Bank Recycling

This is a web-based loyalty system which allows to final customers gain benefits through recycling. After getting his accessing credentials and cards, people can start to deposit his waste into our customer's intelligent containers. By passing the RFID cards a register is stored in the system. The added points are dependent of the amount and type of waste to recycle.

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Together with an Association for the traditional commerce we are promoting a new way of implementing loyalty. It consists in a web and mobile system based in location-based services (LBS), providing a network communication between final users (potential customers of traditional commerce shops) and the Association's partners. This brings benefits for both kind of users as excludes the use of loyalty cards and potentially increases the amount of customers in this stores without significant costs. The final user earns points (smiles) through the acquiring /exchanging products/services in these stores. He can also check and receive broadcast-messages about available promotions.

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University of Porto

This application is an extention of the previous project, as it englobes the commerce section of nsmiles, beeing specifically directed to students of the O'Porto University. As getting smiles (points) in stores, they can check their university info as Scholarships, Acommodation, Jobs, Volunteering, Events, Training Courses, Parties, etc.

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This is a loyalty LBS-based mobile application directed to sport. Beyond earning points buying/exchanging products in sport stores they can search sportive information such as news, renting spaces, gyms, sports medicine, events and betting over ocorring games / events.

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