How it works


The students will have access to a mobile application available free in stores, login with their university credentials and they can start earning Smiles by clicking into the Commerce section. It will open a map showing the nearby stores that participate in the nsmiles system. By clicking on an item, they can see detailed information and they can start adding/exchanging Smiles clicking on the respective buttons. They will be able to gain smiles and exchange them for products/services in any participating store.

The application allows also:
  • Search for local info on Faculties, News, Accommodation, Volunteering, Jobs, Training Courses, Events/Parties, Scholarships;
  • Info about opening bank accounts with direct links to a main bank;

Store Administrators

After subscribing to the system, the subscribers /shop administrators will receive accessing credentials to a web backoffice where they can validate customers' transactions (shopping and exchanging products/services) occurring in their stores, and also create and send promotions to near by users getting statistics back of these operations.

For more information our presentation here

Global Overview